Dewey: 551.46 Goo (c2016)

How to Read Water

(Clicking on the book cover takes you to GoodReads which I like because it offers links to both bookstores and libraries.)

Sarah P. comments:  This book is the one which made me realize that, what I like sailing, traveling, wind, maps, and distant horizons, what I love most is simply the water. This is a comfort for the times when you have to be land-bound because water can be found almost everywhere, hence this recommendation.

It is bit of a technical read but there are some hidden gems of wisdom in this book. Also, on a personal level, because we used to live in the Marshall Islands and I own a stick chart, I found the section on their navigation enlightening.

Quotes:  ‘Natural historians have divided water up into its realms: ponds, rivers, lakes, and seas are each deemed to be very different. Water…does not hold a great respect for those boundaries, and we can learn a lot about what is going on in the world’s greatest oceans by looking at a village pond.’  

‘Pacific navigators do not aim precisely for their destination island, they head as best toward the area of ocean that they know the island is in.’ 

‘There is a difference between what we see and what we are aware of.’

‘Water does not perform to order. If you look for a sign, it will appear [only] before you at a time of its choosing – provided you keep looking.’

‘Know all the signs [of water] so you are ready to meet water in all its moods and in whatever guise it appears.’


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