912 Jen (c2011)

Sarah P’s comments:  It is deep winter so I am deviating from my usual water path. While in my favorite 910.4 section, my eye wandered to the 912’s and fell upon this odd book. Everything you wanted to know (or not) about maps and people who love looking at them. I admit I am one. It’s a strangely fascinating read from a strangely fascinating guy who also happens to be a good writer. The only negative is he never mentions charts! I will have to write him…how can you write a whole book about maps and never discuss maps of water???

Maps give us a sense of place and stability and origin that we otherwise lack.’

‘Falling in love with places is just like falling in love with people; it can happen more than once, but never quite like your first time.’

Almost every map…will show us two kinds of places: places where we’ve been and places we’ve never been…We can understand, at a glance, our place in the universe, our potential to go and see new things, and the way to get back home afterward.’



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