797.1 Woo (c1997/2012)

Sarah P’s comments:  This book was originally released in 1977, way before Stuart Woods became a bestselling author. In fact, he was supposed to be writing his first novel when about a hundred pages into the book, he discovered sailing, and “everything went to hell. All I did was sail.”

The book was re-released in 2012 and suddenly all sorts of non-sailors were calling it a rip-roaring read. Well, sort of. It’s really a fairly standard sailing book of the era but what does make is interesting is that Stuart has a sense of humor and how he goes from dinghy sailing to crossing an ocean does make for interesting reading.

YouTube Video Review of the Book


‘...it is all too easy to bandy about a few technical terms and give someone the impression that you know more than you do. This is done every day in yacht club bars.’

‘Many human beings need adventure, real adventure, personal adventure and sometimes, as in my case, solitary adventure.’

‘Some men and women have always needed [adventure], finding their own physical limits without the aids of bearers and sherpa guides, searching out their own emotional and spiritual boundaries in places where there is no one to answer to but God. As our society grows and our environment shrinks, there will be more and more little men [and women] who will wish to deny us that…they must be ignored.’

Reading while underway…


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