by a Sailing Librarian

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I grew up on an island in Maine.

I learned to sail so I could buy ice cream from the store on the next island over
(my parents refused to let me use the outboard!)

Until I left the island I thought everyone knew how to row and sail
and all boats were wooden and leaked.

I roamed around as a dirt-dwelling librarian until, one day,
a book on the re-shelving cart caught my eye…and my heart. It was
Always a Distant Anchorage
by Hal Roth.

That was it. I was hooked on sea stories and the “I’m gonna sail around the world’ dream. Didn’t happen (long story as always) but my husband and I did work our way around the world so I have sailed in some interesting places:
Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Libya, Oman, Marshall Islands…

And, while back in Maine for the summers, we worked our way up from owning
a 25′ Pacific Seacraft sloop to a 34′ Gemini catamaran
which we have sailed from Canada to Florida
(and are now working our way back home to Maine).

All along through my travels,
I have read and read and read every boating book I could find…

Damariscove Pic 1

Sailing Sea Turtle, Damariscove Island, Maine