What is Dewey: 910.4?

DEWEY DECIMAL #910 pic 1

is where to go in the library to find:


I include the Dewey# in my posts to encourage visiting your library and browsing. While Goodreads lists and Amazon recommendations are useful, I find there is something magical about the serendipity of browsing a shelf of books. You just never know what you’re going to find…

910.4 pic 4

Bremen Public Library, Maine

Geeky Librarian Note: There is no exact Dewey Decimal # for ‘water travel’. Most items are found in 910.4 however a few sneak in elsewhere:

  • 386  Inland waterway and ferry transportation
  • 387  Water (air, space) transportation
    • 387.1  Ports
    • 387.2  Ships
    • 387.5  Ocean/Marine Transportation
  • 551.46  Oceanography
  • 551.48  Hydrology
  • 797  Aquatic (and air) sports
    • 797.1  Boating
    • 797.2  Swimming and Diving
    • 797.3  Other aquatic sports